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Keeping patients healthy by providing individualized health service to commercial plan members. 


Our pharmacies focus on decreasing the cost of patient care and increase patient medication adherence through high-touch patient care services.


CPESN Iowa works with employers to control rising costs of employee health benefits while improving health, quality of life, and productivity.



CPESN pharmacies are clinically integrated, performance based, and willing to be held accountable. Value contracting is made easy for Payers, Partners, and Purchasers with a single agreement covering 49 networks of more than 3,500 independent community pharmacies in 44 states. In Iowa, we are the second largest group of pharmacies!

CPESN pharmacies provide enhanced patient care services that go beyond medication dispensing.

With our clinically integrated network of community pharmacy healthcare providers, you and your high-risk employees will benefit from our hands-on experience engaging and caring for patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

We can also: 

  • Help close medication adherence gaps with healthcare partner collaborations. 

  • Offer medication and opioid management

  • Work with at-risk patients through pharmacist led interventions

CPESN EngageRx Services

  • Social determinants of health screenings

  • Health risk assessments

  • Pharmacy health status monitoring services

  • Point-of-Care testing

  • Immunizations

  • Comprehensive adherence programs

  • Care coordination

  • Medication therapy management

Local roots, local relationships, local engagement

and statewide single signature contracting.

CPESN value-based contracts with payers are based on at-risk terms where community pharmacies deliver health services locally against objective measures defined by the payer. The measures are aligned with a variety of risk and reward incentives. As a clinically integrated network, CPESN’s single signature capacity allows streamlined Value-Based Contracting at scale, measuring and reporting all CPESN pharmacies together, or individually.

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